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Whisper V.1: Blame it on the Moon

Don't have brains? Make them!


Cancer Bloom


Brain Waves

Just Relax


Untitled No.51


Ashen Art's first speech concerning mental illness at a fundraiser for cat shelters in NYC. Ash, the creator of Ashen Art, is a neuroscientist studying to be a cognitive psychologist. For more information, check out www.ashshowler.com!

Photography by Justin Frabasile. Design by Ash Showler. This piece was made for the coming FallRisk Art Show, inspired by overwhelming anxiety and post-traumatic stress. 8% of Americans have PTSD at a given time, with more females developing symptoms.

Photo by Justin Frabasile. Design by Ash Showler. Made for World Mental Health Day to end the stigma associated with mental illness.