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About the Creators 

Ash Showler - Creator 

I am an ex-biomolecular engineer, ex-neuroscientist, and New York City-based visual artist. For the past six years, my career-base was in neuroscience. I worked in places like Howard Hughes Medical Institute for Connectome research with MIT to the Emotional Brain Institute for childhood trauma and development of mental illness. Two years ago, after leaving the psychiatric ward at NYU-Tisch, I began my art collection FallRisk; which is an integration of both my science background and art therapy. FallRisk combines photography, painting, sculptures, and graphic design to create a visualization of the common symptoms of mental illness.  Through FallRisk, I would like to help people as art helped me while reducing the stigma of mental illness and increasing funding towards research and psychiatric programs. 

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Justin Frabasile - Creative Collaborator & Contributor

I am a professional photographer and cinematographer located in NYC. My passion is in film; however, I specialize in fashion and band photography. I try to bring my subject to life through lighting and ambiance while preserving the candidness of the individual. I strive for my work to bring the viewer into my frame of emotion and understand the subject's. This is what drew me to FallRisk - portraying mental illness to the masses in an understandable, beautiful, and relatable form. I want to portray the raw honesty and persistence in mentally ill patients.  

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or would like to help out with our project! We are actively looking for collaborators/contributors for FallRisk! Help us break the silence!